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Recent News and Succeses

2/20/2020 - One return today from Hall of Fame signer and former Cardinals and Braves second baseman Ken Oberkfell. Also added scans for old successes, mostly 50/50's, including Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Craig Kimbrel, Lance Lynn, Justin Smoak, Michael Pineda, Brandon Crawford, Kyle Gibson, Mike Moustakas, and Carlos Santana.

2/19/2020 - Three more returns today... one from former NL MVP and two-time World Series champion Dick Groat, one from former Philadelphia Phillie Larry Bowa, and the last from former pitcher Mudcat Grant.

2/18/2020 - I just realized it was President's Day yesterday but we have mail today... a success from former Yankees manager Lou Piniella and a success from former San Francisco 49'ers running back Roger Craig, our third succes with him over the last nearly 20 years.

2/17/2020 - No returns today but wanted to highight a couple of great sites that I've really enjoyed since I started back into the hobby. The first is called Bravestarr Cards, run by Bill who can also be found on Instagram and the Twitter @BravestarrCards. It's a really well put together site. The second site is a blog called Droidtrader's Sports Memorabilia, it displays an impressive list of autographs. If you're looking for sites to put into your regular rotation you won't find any sites better than these.

2/16/2020 - Another update today, haha. Started up the C's in the baseball section, Melky Cabrera through Matt Clement. Also completed the Other page, not a long page by any means but some notable names over there right now. There didn't used to be so many media and other sports cards like there are now. Hope to fill that section up as we go along.

2/16/2020 - Late night update... I picked up an auto at my local card shop, Ray Fosse. Those Topps Archives autographs are sharp. Also picked up a box of 2020 Topps Series One to give away on the message board.

2/15/2020 - Three returns for Saturday... one from former Blue Jays World Series hero Joe Carter, a return from Al Hrabosky otherwise known as the Mad Hungarian, and a return from former Cincinnati Reds reliever Ted Power.

I've added some significant features to the message board including feedback functionailty for trades and a board currency to buy autographs and items from the board directly Sign up and share your successes (and frustrations) wth us!

2/14/2020 - Two returns today... one from former White Sox and Yankee Ron Kittle and the second from former Padres catcher Mark Parent.

2/13/2020 - Two returns today... one from Dave Duncan and the second from Tom House. Both men are quite well known for their work as pitching coaches. Mr. House was nice enough to answer my question about analytics so thanks to him for that.

2/10/2020 - Two more TTM succeses today, the first from former Atlanta Braves slugger Bob Horner and the second from former Texas Rangers pitcher, father to a hot prospect someone, Bobby Witt. The kids nowadays will never grasp it but back in the day when cable TV channels weren't quite so plentiful, WTBS was the SuperStation and the Braves were on national tv a lot. During the summer I'd catch a lot of Braves games on the tube and Horner was a fearsome slugger. Thanks to both Bobby Witt and Bob Horner.

2/8/2020 - A couple more returns today... one from former Astros pitcher Joe Sambito and the second from former Pirates first baseman Sid Bream.

2/7/2020 - My first return this year from former slugger Dave Kingman. Mr. Kingman is probably an All-Name First Team member, just a great baseball hame. Honestly could not believe I didn't have his autograph in my collection so he was one of the first folks I sent off to start the year. He signed a 1975 Topps for me. It's a great thing in this day and age that you can pretty much get any card for any player. Makes it fun to think what an autograph will look like on a particular card and shop accordingly.

2/6/2020 - Finished up the B's today from... Erik Bedard to Billy Butler. Some more requests in the mail the other day. Hopefully I'll be getting some returns soon enough.

2/2/2020 - Started up the B's today... from Brandon Backe to 2003 World Series MVP Josh Beckett.

1/30/2020 - Finished up the A's in the baseball section. Wyatt Allen though Willy Aybar.

1/27/2020 - I've decided to put the site back up. It's going to take a bit due to how large it is but I'm on the case. I should have some succeses soon as well. As of today, the message board is up, links page is complete, started posting baseball players... David Aardsma through Antonio Alfonseca. Also updated most viewed scans for the history of the site. The most viewed scan ever is Chien-Ming Wang with over 10,000 views. He has a ton of fans in Asia.


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